After 20 Months, Call-A-Cab, LLC is now . . .


trademark001Call-A-Cab, LLC is now . . . . Call-A-CabĀ®

My supplemental filing for Federal Trademark was reviewed and approved . . . only took nearly two years.


A Quick Tour of


The Website was Designed to Provide Information for Both Drivers and Customers (and even dispatchers)

SmartPhone Screen

SmartPhone Screen

To be brief, the SmartPhone screen is simple and packed with features.

1) The top button takes you to the GPS taxi map, pictured in the previous blog post. This is where the customer Accepts Location Services and can then easily click on the closest cab. The orange button features the autodial phone number to call that cab directly.

2) We are working with a Dispatch service where a human operator works the map for the new customer, books advance calls, or provides general customer service.

3) Next is an extensive menu, beginning with a link to the Advance Bookings site. This is particularly useful to hotels ordering time calls for early morning checkout taxi service.

There is more, such as Points of Interest, Flat Rates, Casinos, Apartment Site Maps, etc.

And now, a link to this blog!

The New Call-A-Cab Blog



The Idea

One common customer complaint has been, ‘Why are there never enough taxis?’

They were referring to the lack of quick taxi service during hotel checkouts and the 2 AM bar rush.

My answer? ‘Well, taxis don’t grow on trees. We have enough taxis for day-to-day service and we are the largest fleet, so the quickest service of all other companies. But, during peak demand, yes, there is only so much we can do.’

To be honest, I was getting sick of it too. I tried to get Yellow Cab to insure drivers and their personal cars, leasing the PRC certificate number to create a backup crew of luxury sedans and minivans. The problem was that insurance product did not exist.

Three years ago I decided logistics could be improved if proximity to the fare was the main factor, not ‘open’ calls or a ‘first up’ list in a zone system. GPS was now in all smartphones, so I designed Call-A-Cab.

Call-A-Cab is just that; during peak demand the customer does not have to be put on hold by the cab company or wonder if a taxi was dispatched at all.

By consulting the GPS map of tracked taxis they could just ‘call the cab’ itself, getting fast service both in talking directly to the cabbie, and getting the cab closest to their pickup location.

That’s it . . . a simple concept.