A Quick Tour of Taxiabq.com


The Website was Designed to Provide Information for Both Drivers and Customers (and even dispatchers)

SmartPhone Screen

SmartPhone Screen

To be brief, the SmartPhone screen is simple and packed with features.

1) The top button takes you to the GPS taxi map, pictured in the previous blog post. This is where the customer Accepts Location Services and can then easily click on the closest cab. The orange button features the autodial phone number to call that cab directly.

2) We are working with a Dispatch service where a human operator works the map for the new customer, books advance calls, or provides general customer service.

3) Next is an extensive menu, beginning with a link to the Advance Bookings site. This is particularly useful to hotels ordering time calls for early morning checkout taxi service.

There is more, such as Points of Interest, Flat Rates, Casinos, Apartment Site Maps, etc.

And now, a link to this blog!


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