Peak Demand and Upsell Services


If you go to the first blog entry, I discuss the issue of too many cabs at some times and not enough during peak demand. I suggested a cadre’ of drivers certified and insured to use their personal luxury sedans, or SUVs and Minivans to put in extra hours.

The same boost in cars available can also be done by creating a six or four-hour exigency shift, the drivers using regular taxis or ‘luxury’ Checker black cars, town cars. A day driver having worked 3 day shifts would be able to work a half-shift at night during special events or for weekend bar rush.

Checker has a long history, even making their own cars, some luxurious. I drove a Checker Marathon in Philadelphia for three months back in 1981. That car was roomy, could hold a lot of people.

I was playing around in Photoshop, and here is a test logo for Checker sedan services:



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