Dr. Charles Murray, BA, Ph.D., Harvard, MIT — Includes UBER as part of a ‘Liberty Without Permission’


A Dr. Charles Murray, a libertarian political/social scientist famous for his controversial book ‘The Bell Curve’ discussed UBER as an example of a new order of Liberty in the fight against an over-regulated society.
Now, he just called taxi companies Monopolies [sic] when they are state-certified franchises. I mean, anyone can’t just open up a Subway . . . you first have to purchase a franchise from Subway, and you can’t build in someone else’s territory. What he did get right was what I put in my Legal Memorandum to Yellow Cab and their attorney, and as a follow up to Senator McSorley.
The popularity of UBER is what is driving the failure to enforce regulations, and there is legal precedent for a ‘state’ to ignore existing franchises in order to improve an industry. The REAL ISSUE in New Mexico, however, is that Call-A-Cab existed prior to Lyft and UBER, and not only had better logistics but did it legally, within the existing regulatory structure, and is more accessible than Lyft and UBER.
Look, those safety regulations came out of real life issues concerning drivers and taxi maintenance. Taxi drivers are vetted at a much higher level than UBER’s, and taxis are clearly marked and mechanically inspected, from top to bottom, every 4000 miles. Yes, a Taxicab may not be as immaculate as a personal car used by UBER, but that taxi is driven as many as 500 miles a day almost every day of the week. Each day, as many as 24 customers get in and out, track dirt and trash, smoke cigarettes . . . plus, the 4000 miles a week racking up on the odometer.
Yet, while drivers complain about dropping incomes and Yellow Cab spends 10’s of thousands in legal fees (and losing that amount monthly in lost taxi leases), both Yellow and drivers continue to ignore Call-A-Cab. Join, subscribe, learn the simple ‘in/out’ protocol on your Smartphone . . . get an Android phone on a separate business line if you are stuck with an iPhone, but with 25+ drivers on the map Call-A-Cab can beat UBER logistics. https://www.aei.org/scholar/charles-murray/


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