Call-A-Cab is Two Years Old Today


Today, August 6, 2015, is Call-A-Cab’s two-year anniversary.

Yes, it was launched in 2013 almost a year before Lyft and Uber hit town.

Call-A-Cab was created to dissolve the backup in dispatch phone lines, allowing customers searching Google for ‘taxi’ service to open a website and click to the GPS Map; that map showing real-time locations of cabbies, just a click away from calling and talking to . . . no Dispatcher.

So, while some customers stayed on hold for 5 to 10 minutes waiting for a dispatcher, those who clicked on the GPS Map had a taxi confirmed and on the way in 10 seconds.

That’s it folks. Now, why more cabbies aren’t subscribing to Call-A-Cab GPS tracking and taxi companies aren’t advertising the hell out of Call-A-Cab . . . I don’t know . . . maybe they want UBER to win.

Call-A-Cab at is a Limited Liability Company and Federally Trademarked. Its GPS tracking system is through GPSONTIME at

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