Call-A-Cab is now UBERIZED


Uber In Luxury for X or XL, Lyft and Lyft Plus

NO MORE TAXIS — It was four years ago Call-A-Cab cobbled together its website with travel information and, most importantly, a GPS map tracking available taxis and your location. You just clicked on the closest cab and the map autodialed the cabbie.

The logic of this was obvious; that the closest cab would give the fastest service, and talking directly to the cab driver cut out the dispatcher and confirmed pickup instructions.

Obvious, yes, to customers who tried it; but not the cab companies.

May 2014, a year after Call-A-Cab was launched, Uber and Lyft entered the Albuquerque market and their app was lauded by the press and welcomed by the Mayor. (The Albuquerque Journal refused to write a story about Call-A-Cab!)

Fall of 2015 Uber reduced its fares from $1.60 to 85 cents a mile. Their fleet of drivers quickly surpassed Call-A-Cab, and the taxi companies supplying cabbies lost half their drivers. Call-A-Cab had almost kept up with Uber’s numbers, but suddenly dropped to only four tracked drivers.

Still, the cab companies refuse to adapt to ‘proximity’ logistics, using inefficient ‘zones’ and relying solely on phone operators, not peer-to-peer instant communication.

So, after years of work and over ten thousand dollars invested, Call-A-Cab is closing its doors. (Call-A-Cab’s LLC was officially Dissolved August of 2017, almost exactly four years after launch. One luxury SUV is available through Its aids to travelers will continue. You can find the fare calculator, Gill’s Thrilling Restaurant Reviews, public transportation schedules, and tourist links and points-of-interest. But, no more taxis.

Those who find Call-A-Cab are directed to visit the website and try the GPS map, or download the Lyft app with a $10 credit towards their first two rides.

In fact, I quit cab driving over a year ago and this month became an Uber driver.

Riders love my Expedition Limited, and my twenty-years of cab driving in Albuquerque allows me to advise and give good transportation to visitors and residents alike.

I will also be associated with Prestige Limousine Tours featuring Luigi’s Breaking Bad Tours, and Tours of Santa Fe and Acoma. You can set up tours by contacting me at the TAXIABQ website.

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